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Most insurance agencies require medical examination prior to establishing Life Insurance Policy. MedLabExams works for life and long-term insurance industries performing paramedical examinations at people home or business. At MedLabExams all paramedical examiners are licensed phlebotomists with experience working in different settings. 

A Paramedical Life-Insurance Exam takes 30 to 45 minutes. It is free for individual as it's paid by the insurance company. An Exam includes the following steps:

· Completing the Medical questionnaire

· Height and weight measurements

· Urine and blood specimen collection

· Blood pressure reading

· EKG recording if requested

It is important to collect relevant medical information in advance! Examiner will ask the client for the name and address of your primary care physician, list of current medications and dates of surgeries or other completed medical treatments. 

After the medical exam is completed, the examiner sends out the blood and urine samples to the lab. It takes 5 to 7 business days for the results to get processed. These results are confidential and will be send directly to the insurance company. Proposed insured may request lab results directly from the insurance agency if desired. Some companies provide trucking number of the specimen so result may be checked online.

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Good health guarantees lower life insurance rates! Take few easy steps to prepare for your medical exam:

· Avoid nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and any herbal supplements on the day before and the day of your exam.
·  Keep your blood pressure in check: avoid salty foods and strenuous work outs the night before and on the day of your exam.
· Get a good night's rest the night before your exam.
· NO FOOD is allowed on the day of your exam.
· No caffeine, juice or soda is allowed on the day of your exam. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water the day before and on the day of your exam. Please note that plain water is THE ONLY allowed liquid on the day of your exam.
· Drinking lots of water helps to speed up the urine specimen collection process.
· Wearing short-sleeve garments will ease up the blood-pressure reading process.